Trying to get going with FS20Z garage door opener

I’m a wiz when it comes with the elctronics but a novice when it comes to electricity. I recently purchased a smarthub (a day before the v2 presale - ugh) and one of the first sensors I bought was the garage door opener. So I get the FS207 and the directions completely escape me. So I went online and I see a few guides that give you a rough idea of what to do. That said, some people mounted the device on the wall and others mounted it with the opener itself. I see that user Huntb had some success but he had to open up his opener and (possibly) wire the unit right to the board itself (like me, he has a Genie)

  1. Where do I install the unit?

  2. What do I do if the wires do not match up? It looks like there are less wires on my opener and they are different colors.

Thanks so much for helping me out. I hate being the noob! :-). Looking forward to contributing more when I get up to speed on this stuff.

If you want to use the device you have, call an electrician.

I recommend instead switching to the device that the same manufacturer makes specifically for controlling garage doors. Yes, the list price is about $60 more, but it includes the tilt sensor which you’re going to have to buy separately otherwise anyway, and it will be a lot easier to set up to control a garage door mechanism.

It is also UL listed for remote operation of garage doors.

Anyway, there’s no reason to use the relay – – that’s what people used to do before the garage door controller device was put on the market.

You may still end up needing to call an electrician, but the end result with the purpose-built device will be something that will work much better for you.

I’m sorry. I have multiple windows open and pasted to the wrong one. Removing post. My bad.