Gate Openers

I am getting a small, no frills, inexpensive gate opener for a lightweight gate. I figure that I can use the Remotetec Z-Wave ZFM-80 or Evolve LFM-20 or FortreZZ MIMOlite units to achieve remote opening and closing of the gate by wiring the module to the push button switch in parallel? Anyone out there has set up their SmartThings hub with a gate opener as yet?

Look at the LFM-20. It works great with the ST hub. I have two MINOlites and they are only recognized as MIMO with no function. LFM-20 works very well.

Luckily my home is the first passed the gate so I am within range of using a remote from my exterior wall in my home. I purchased a Linear FS20Z relay, Hammond project box, plug socket, and an extra multicode gate remote for me to hack up.
After opening the gate remote it was obvious which wires touched to activate the gate. I soldered to 14awg wires to the contacts and connected them to the blue wires on the FS20Z relay.
Here’s a picture before I glue these into my project box…

Close Up 1

Close up 2

Hope this helps some of you out there with the need for a gate opener like I do…
Amazon Junkie and don’t like it when they leave the packages at the gate…

I have the linear version installed in the control panel of my Viking gate opener. I haven’t had any trouble with mine. I also have 2 installed on my garage door openers wired in parallel with the push button. Right now the gate is set up as a virtual momentary switch. I wish I could add an additional button to give me the option to latch on or off (allowing it to hold open) but my programming skills just aren’t there yet.

I like this approach, my issue was the gate was a community gate and I don’t have the key to open it. The flexibility of a typical homeowners association. :slight_smile:

@PsychoBob how do you connect that to the Viking gate opener ?

Thanks !!!

I want to set this up on my TAU panel.
What cables are you jumpering? Or are you series circuit to the existing cables that going to the panel?
Trying to install FS20Z-1