Trying to connect Philips hue bulb directly to v2 hub

As per title above I’m trying to connect a hue bulb but cannot seem to find it.
Any guidance on how to do this much appreciated.
BTW I have downloaded various DTHs and also connected some hue strips with no problem.

This is very possible and some people have done it.
The problem is this…

Once you connect the Phillips bulbs to the ST hub, there is no way to reset the bulbs so they can be removed from the hub, added to another hub, or even just reset when the ST hub drops then.

Unless you buy a very particular handheld remote, which I can not remember the name of.

Thanks @bamarayne.
Yes I did realise the problem once paired but my hub just does not see the new bulb.
I think I have read somewhere that I need a Lutron lzl 4b to reset the bulb. I might buy one in case this bulb has already been paired with something. It is brand new though.
I would like confirmation though if anyone on the forum can confirm.

Ok, just wanted to make sure you’re aware.

Have you tried all of the zigbee bulb dth’s yet?

Take a look around here…

Also, just do a search of the forum for “connect hue bulb to st hub”

Thanks for the info.
I’ve read lots of threads around this subject.
From what I can make out the hub should discover the bulb, probably as a ‘thing’ then change to the relevant DTH to control it.
The hub just doesn’t see it.

Then my hues is that bulb has already been paired to something else.

It is possible. I bought a Phillips hue starter kit on prime day. I installed it yesterday. The Feb 2 hub was a refurb! It still had someone else’s data it.

Must admit I am starting to think that way.
I will get a remote, reset and try again.
Thanks again for the help/info.

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The remote turned up and I reset the hue bulb.
Now able to connect hue bulb to my ST hub ok.
As an aside I tried to use the remote on a hue white bulb to see if it would reset it.
It doesn’t. Much confusion!!!

Not sure if you still need it but I just connected a Philips Hue White bulb using the Belkin WeMo smart led bulb. They might ahare the same lighting profile so no need any additional hub. I can setup brightness and switch on/off. I tried this way since the Philips profile requires to connect to Philips Hue hub which I don’t have and don’t want.

Can you explain how the WeMo bulb is able to do this? Does it have some way to talk the hue white bulb that the ST hub does not have?

I’m thinking of buying two hue white bulbs for my driveway without a hue bridge. I just want to extend the Zigbee signal between the ST hub and my mailbox which has a ST (Zigbee) multisensor. I just need about 10 more feet of reach. As a bonus I will be able to bring those lights into ST.

The bulbs go for $15 each at Home Depot so I figure they are cheap Zigbee extenders. From what I understand when paired to the ST hub they talk Zigbee.


Hi Manny, what I meant is I am using ZigBee bulbs from OSRAM (Lightify LED) and Philips HUE white directly from the ST Hub V2, without any branded hub (HUE, etc…) by using the profile of a wemo light at that time. These bulbs are not Wemo.

Checking now what I have in my device list (maybe I reinstalled since and they moved to newer devices handlers…):
-OSRAM bulb is using ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb device handler.
-Philips bulb is using ZLL Dimmer Bulb device handler.

hope it clarifies

It does make it clearer. Thanks.

By the way I got the bulbs installed. My mailbox sensor is working perfectly. I had no idea these bulbs were this cheap at $15 each. I don’t care about color changing so these bulbs are great just white and they serve me multiple purposes.

I used to pay $10 just for regular CCFL dusk-to-dawn lights. I’ll change out my other outside lights over time so that they are all LED and integrated into ST. It will be good to link them to my outside security cameras. I kind of wish there was an outdoor rated Zigbee or Z-wave PIR sensor. That’s another thing that will have me searching these forums.

Update: I installed the two Hue White bulbs for my driveway. About 1 in 5 nights I find that one of the lights did not turn on or off when it was supposed to. I have them set up as dusk/dawn lights so at sunset they are supposed to turn on and at sunrise they are supposed to turn off. But they are not 100% consistent. The “dumb” dusk-to-dawn lights with the built-in sensor were closer to 100% consistent.

I’m going to have to set up a WebCORE piston or just a few routines or something to check to make sure the lights are in the state that they were told to be in by the hub if they aren’t in the expected state after a certain time.

I’m using the ZLL Dimmer Bulb device handler.

By the way, my mailbox multisensor does get a signal because of these lights. When the mailbox is opened my phone plays the AOL “you’ve got mail” sound, which is pretty neat.