Anyone using Philips Hue Without Bridge (Not Lux)

I´ve seen a number of uses cases connecting connecting direclty Philips Hue Lux directly with ST but not the Philips Hue (white dimmable).

I try to add a thing but never finds it…Any thoughts?


I bought a Hue RGBW that I could not pair directly to my ST hub. I do not have a phillips hub.
I had to reset the bulb with a phillips remote before it would pair.
Might be worth trying.

Thanks…a bit frustrating to use a remote that I don’t have it. If I purchase a hue Bridge are there a any significant differences between v1 and v2?

I have a Phillips Hue hooked up directly to St and have no issues

@Crog how did you paired it with ST? You used the remote to reset the bulb?

Same here - Philips Hue White bulb direct to ST hub. There was a thread I followed and works great - dimming and all

Read this - Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?


Go to ST App and add them to network. Once you add them, go into the dashboard and change the device type to GE Link Bulb.