Trying my first crack at a SmartApp, 3-Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat

Ok, I am not a programmer so I am venturing out into some really foreign waters by trying to do a custom app but I wanted to give it a go. So I could use some help to understand the steps on adding dimmer capabilities.

Thanks to @krlaframboise for pointing me to the documentation.

I got the first step done which was tricky for a noobie :slight_smile:. I modified the SmartThings Virtual Thermostat smartapp to work with 3 speeds. The problem is I need it to not turn off-on outlets but instead work with @johnconstantelo awesome device handler that was modified by @ChadCK here

I was trying to find an existing smartapp that I could learn from that made automatic dimming adjustments to a light dimmer so I would know what code to change to control the lowSpeed, mediumSpeed, highSpeed in the device handler. Can anyone help point me in the right direction or give me some suggestions? Thanks for any help in getting my first smartapp working.

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Hi @dalec,

Thanks for that recognition!

Take a look at these SmartApps for dimmer code examples:

Mood Cube
Dim and Dimmer
Dim With Me


perfect! Thanks. I didn’t see those when using the IDE.

I was having difficulty troubleshooting the app using the IDE Simulator. It appears that the virtual dimmer was giving false indications of problems that I couldn’t locate (which makes me wonder why a virtual dimmer is even in the IDE Simulator?). I finally switched the output over to my actual fan and it was great. So I am cleaning up the app and will get it posted here later in the week

Are you using a regular dimmer switch to control the fan? Or are you using a fan switch. The dimmer switch can have some bad consequences on your fan. This was talked about in this thread: Fan Light Dimming - Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Dimmer

Excellent point!

I am using the GE-12730 smart switch designed specifically for ceiling fan control. I use the terminology dimmer above because that is how SmartThings treats this device when in fact it does it in steps for Low, Medium, and High speeds. It is a little confusing for sure because ST allows you to set a 0-100 level to this switch but the motor doesn’t change speeds until the level reaches the Low, Medium, High thresholds.


OK it is up for general use. I will submit it to SmartThings for approval. I am calling it 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat and is specifically designed to work with a GE Smart Fan Control device.

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This was done a while ago.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

You are referring to the device handler(type) which will allow you to MANUALLY operate the fan speeds. What I did was the smartapp that will use temperature and AUTOMATICALLY control a device handler like @johnconstantelo that you posted about or even the default version by ST which in turn operates the ceiling fan.

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