Ceiling Fan control: 3-speed, dimmable light, reversible

I’ve seen a lot of chatter here (of varying ages) about ways to control fans. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear picture of what’s possible so I’m starting a fresh thread to discuss a “complete” use-case that is becoming more and more common: a retrofit ceiling fan with three speeds, a dimmable light, and the ability to control spin direction from the remote (<- that’s the new part). In all of my cases (4 units) the fans are “retrofitted” using in-ceiling lighting circuits for power, meaning there are no wired switches anywhere for me to hook into. I’m happy to burry control units in the base of the fan or a box of some kind right next to it, but using a full paddle switch (for example) would be slightly wasteful since there is no existing junction box to go into. Also note that I really like when SmartThings can play nicely with existing controls, meaning I don’t want to remove the “dumb” remote if I can help it (I just want to add the smart connectivity on top of what’s there today).

Does anything exist to solve my problem today as a single unit? Maybe there’s a combo of two things (e.g. fan + dimmable light, but I need something special to get the “reverse” function)?

Z-wave or Zigbee - either is fine so long as it talks to my ST hub.

As always, if there’s a clear answer in other threads please feel free to link me to those (as opposed to the less constructive plain old “search better dude!” type comment). Happy to link up to the answer elsewhere but I promised I’ve scoured here, Google, and Amazon before asking. :wink:

Thanks community!

edit: this is the remote that exists today: Minka Aire RCS212

There is no single unit unfortunately. What fan are you using right now? I did rewired a fan for a friend with two dual micro relay before. I don’t think you will be able to have reverse function and smart control together.

It’s some Hunter 52" fan with built in light. I don’t have the exact model right now, but like most fans it was just a base fan and I happened to buy the model that comes with the (3x) 60w standard light bulb attachment, then I bought the remote control separately.