TRV what really works with new app with Smartthing Hub?

This is my first post on this great forum, so first I’d like to say hello to everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to install 12 pcs of TRVs to my radiators and underfloor heating lines - and integrate it all through the ST.

For three days I have been looking at topics related to TRV heads working directly with the SmartThings hub. Unfortunately, no device seems to work well with the ST hub at the moment (march 2021). There are a lot of old threads, lets say from 2018 or 2019, that talk about working devices, but some devices are no longer on the market, in some cases people write that with the new ST app it does not work anymore.

Chances are I missed something so I have a request: could anyone provide a list of devices, preferably available on the European market, that are available and working at the moment - directly with ST or ST via Device Handler?

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@Grzegorz_Pajak, forgot the idea to use any heating control with ST directly. ST is cloud based, you do not want to arrive home and see, that your pipes burst on a cold day/night (especially underfloor heating).

Talk with a professional installer, what they would advise.

For underfloor heating you need a far more complicated controller than ST. Usually those are the heart of the heating system, controlling water temperature on the underfloor circle. Brotje has something new (IoT enabled) in development, but they haven’t released it yet.

For radiators, Popp, Danfoss and Keemple (Danfoss rebranded) TRVs are working with stock ST DHs, but a dedicated heating controller works better than any automation written by hand.

Otherwise I am not aware any working integration for ST with any 3rd party heating controller. Wiser used to have a custom code DH and SmartApp, but I believe that hasn’t been updated.

Available brands working with ST is listed here:

You can try to look for heating controllers there.

Thanks for answer! :slight_smile:
Yes, understand the difficulties with algorithm to control the valves. Specially with underfloor heatinh who have a huge thermal inertia. But anyway, looking for “executing” devices works with ST.
But that’s a first step. … I will look for SmartApp to make the system usable.
Looking for this one (paid):

My advice would be, go for a heating system which has its own logic and has some integration into ST.

I used to have Nest before ST, and that was working well, but there were no TRVs to control. There is Tado which has TRVs and main wall Thermostats or Wiser which has similar setup, or Eve, Hive etc. (Most of them available in Poland.) And there are TRVs individually from Danfoss(Zigbee and Zwave as well) or Keemple (Danfoss Living Connect Zwave rebranded), Popp (Zwave, similar to Danfoss), eCozy (Zigbee), or even from Tuya (Zigbee or Wifi) (Unfortunately the Tuya ones are not working with ST.)

But for floor heating you need a main controller which controls the water temperature according the temperature outside by following hysteresis curves.

I’ve just had a look on the Danfoss Ally, which is a zigbee TRV, and actually Danfoss has a full system for that compatible with floor heating:

I forget to mention, but for both radiators and floor loops i already have temperature control connected wit external temp sensor. This is mounted on my central heat exchanger, provided from heating company. So for a floor heating all I need to do is control a volume (flow) of water circulating in my installation. (btw - that’s how i regulating aprox temperature in my rooms with floor heating, regulating the valves by allen key :smiley: - of course once a season :wink: )

I’m reading, and reading, and reading from couple of days and it looks I will go to Ally, they are relatively no expensive and looks they will do the job wit ST :slight_smile:

Once again Gabor, thanks for your input! :slight_smile: You helped a lot, very apricated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, that makes things different. So, you have central heating and not a gas heater. In that case take care of it, that the returned water is not too hot. That is common complaints from the Netherlands or Denmark. The local heat provider puts a penalty fee on if the returned water is too hot, and due to that most of the smart solutions are not really working efficiently.
(I cannot remember which forum I read about it. But the topic was about smart TRVs and controlling radiator heating.)

Honestly, ask an installer what works well in your setup, and go with that.

Have you bought Danfoss Ally TRVs? Have you connected them to smartthings and used already?

I have a lot of old Danfoss LC13 zwave TRVs working with smartthings but they all started to show E5 error from the point when had to switch to new smartthings app and official device handler for them from smartthings. They worked fine on custom one before, so there is for sure something wrong with official handler but could not find out what.

And this it turns out is why none of my Danfoss TRVs are working right now :man_facepalming:. Did you find a fix or switch systems?