TRV and Combi Boiler Heating control that works with SmartThings? (UK)

If you’re planning on using seperate temp sensor, then danfoss lc13 is the way to go IMO. I chose the Drayton because at the time, I wasnt planning on spending as much as I did, but I was so happy with the control that I shelled out for more valves… If I did it from scratch, I’d defo recommend using either (a) motion sensors at 20 quid a pop buddied up with the danfoss at about 50, or (b) better but less convenient to install, a fibaro ubs / newer version hooked up to some wired temp sensors, total of about 50 quid with near instant accurate temp reporting. This is what I use myself to monitor and control my propane - heated hot tub. And they work ace. I already had the motion sensors handy, but I plan on adding the digital sensors in the near future. I find it fairly easy to route wires through my home, so it depends on time/hassle ratio.

Good luck!

Please could you list the makes/models of the parts (mains TRV, is that a mains powered smart TRV(?) etc) that you are using - it sounds really good. Thanks!