TRV and Combi Boiler Heating control that works with SmartThings? (UK)

I would expect things would be easier if the TRVs and boiler programmer aka smart thermostat had built-in integration with each other. The following are therefore a few links to explore.

Note: The Smartthings UK website seems a bit broken at the moment, the works with pages in particular are not working. (Duh!) The above recent news article claims the recent addition of official support for Netatmo Smart Thermostats and presumably also Netatmo TRVs there also is/was a user written app for Netatmo but it now appears to be on hold possibly due to Smartthings adding official support.

Ecobee do not officially support the UK so I would avoid them. Google Nest does not have the option of TRVs and the debacle over Google killing ‘Works with Nest’ also pretty much eliminates them from consideration.

For what it’s worth here is the link to the Smartthings Hive integration.