Trouble with scenes and stuff

Hi all! I’ve been having a bit of a problem with some aspects of the app and I’m wondering if it’s common and if there is a fix.

I set up some scenes in the ST app with my hue bulbs. One of the scenes just being normal lighting. But if I run another scene that might use different colors or dimming and I try to go back to my normal lighting scene, it will say it did it successfully but it either does nothing, or some of the lights change to normal but not all. Scenes just seem to work inconsistently for me. Is this common? Any idea what the issue is?
Also I notice if in settings I set it to only track my location when the app is open, that doesn’t work for me. I have to set it to always to get location tracking.

I’d appreciate any info I can get. Thanks!

Do your lights work fine from other Automations and/or manually tapping the App or ActionTiles?

Scenes just issue a sequence of commands against the Lights … in serial (that’s why a Scene is rather slow to activate, frankly). If your ZigBee or Z-Wave network is flaky, then a series of command packets might be too much for it to handle.

Just guessing.

It works fine through the hue app. I also noticed one particular bulb gives me the most trouble. But it’s weird like I said it has no problem going to a modified scene, just has a hard time returning to normal lighting afterward. I haven’t got an action tiles account yet, though I plan to. What would make my network flakey?

Dozens of possibilities… You can read sad stories here on the Community Forum for weeks.

I think there are some good “FAQ” to search for as well as

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I’m having the same issue. Using a combination of Lightify light strips and regular bulbs on Caseta switches. I have to trigger a scene 4-5 times to get all lights where they are supposed to be. I can manually adjust any of these lights through the ST app and they will respond properly, but scenes are completely inconsistent. I usually notice that all lights will respond in some way, just not the correct way. E.g. my “Movie” scene is supposed to turn off all of my recessed lights and set my light strips to blue at 50%, however sometimes if the strips are already on they just turn off instead of turning blue and dimming. Another scene that is supposed to dim the recessed lights in the kitchen and living room will often dim both rooms but then immediately turn one of the rooms back to 100%.

I currently only have 2 scenes, each involving the same set of 3 Z-Wave outlets, and I trigger them from a Routine… Routine Tile in ActionTiles.

And yes… Sometimes the dimmer levels are not set correctly. It’s a quirk or a bug.