Trouble (re)associating WD500Z dimmer with Aeon Minimote & SmartThings v1

It should still work since it’s the same devices that you set up originally, but since it’s not working, there is a new utility, created by a community member, that you can use both to do the diagnosis and to do the zwave direct association without having to use the Minimote.

To use the utility, which is a device type handler, you just temporarily edit each device in your account that you want to check to use that DTH, set the associations the way you want them to be, and then change the device back to your every day DTH. You can get the code and ask any follow-up questions in the following thread:

You could also just use the tweaker to see how the associations are currently set.

Meanwell, I’m confused by your description of what you’re doing.

First things first: you must have included both devices before you begin trying to do the association. That’s because they both have to belong to your network and have a network ID. From your description, it sounds like you might be trying to do the association before you’ve done the inclusion. Also, the minimote has to already be included on the same network. Finally, when you do a Z wave association using a minimote, you first press the target, and then the trigger. So first, tap the master switch. Then tap the accessory. From your description, it sounds like you’re doing it the other way around, which won’t work.

so the steps would be:

  1. make sure the minimote is active on your network

  2. exclude both switches

  3. include both switches

At this point all three devices should show up in the things listed in the app. (The master switch, the accessory Switch, and the minimote)

And both switches should be controllable individually from the app.

If this is not true, stop. You can’t do the association until both the master and the accessory can be seen as individual switches by your network. So you need to get them both included.

Once all three devices are successfully joined it to your network then you can associate them using the minimote

  1. a) put the minimote into association mode
    B) double tap the paddle on the target device, the master switch (WD500). It will blink blue rapidly
    C) double tap the paddle on the trigger device, the accessory switch (WT 500)
    D) take the minimote out of association mode

See the community FAQ (this is a clickable link)