Triggered away and motion sensors

i would like my motion sensor activity to turn on my lights only if i manually trigger away mode via Google home. is this possible? i am having a hard time trying to make this work.

You could certainly make it work when the house is in “away” mode. I don’t know how SmartThings would know that “away” was triggered manually. I suppose as part of manually triggering “away”, a virtual switch could be tripped as well. Do you use “away” mode at other times or is it only triggered by you manually?

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Thanks for replying PhilB.

Right now I am using motion sensor to trigger away mode. But I guess I can remove that and just manually trigger away mode with a phrase. I guess my next question would be, is there a way to put a delay to activating the motion sensor after I say the phrase? Because the motion sensor might get triggered immediately since I am still in the vicinity.

It’s not always easy to do everything you want with SmartThings but almost anything is possible. If you are going to add that layer of complexity I would recommend you start looking into CORE. I have not used it yet but I understand that once you get passed the learning curve you can create very powerful sets of conditions.


I would second the recommendation for core. The following thread lists most of the topics you need to get started:

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Thank you very much for your response. Will definitely look this up and try it :slight_smile:

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