Triggering lights on and off/Strobe when a phone enters the location using presence?

Questions like these are often asked here, I had achieved this using Stringify, but now that the app is gone, I am left clueless.
This phone in question is not mine but my wife’s iphone. I have installed ST new app on her phone, and have turned on her location services both on the phone, and in the ST app. I can see her phone show up on my ST app, but the prencese shown is not current, even when she is away, her phone’s presence shows present.
Do i also need to install the presence sensor through the Smart App for this to work… cos i have not done that on her phone.

Also, now that stringify is gone, how do i go about making this work. I dont want to install IFTTT on her phone. She barely remembers things and will uninstall it… She uses ST app a lot hence i that should not be a problem.
Can someone help with the steps.

Edit: She has an iphone (IOS)

iOS or Android?

IOS, she has an iphone. I have an android.

Has she noticed if the app is signing her out frequently? She would see the sign-in field when she opens the app and then automatically getting logged back in. There is a known issue with the new app on iOS devices at the moment. When the app logs you out,location services stop functioning. ST has announced it will be fixed with an upcoming app release for iOS.

Ok, in that case i will uninstall the new app and install the classic app on the iphone. But do i also need to install the Presence Sensor smart app?

yes, you would need to reinstall the presence sensor from the marketplace : Things : Sensors in the classic app.

Alright, will do. But then what after that, how do i go about creating the trigger for this?

You can use Custom Automations in the new app if you want. Or Routines in the Classic app.

Have you done it for you? Steps will be awesome.

not sure how you can best get the strobe effect so I’ll let someone else to chime in and assist you.

to flash, therer was an app called the flasher, i cant seem to find it on here anymore, here is my git copy

Hello everyone,

It is possible to see al the integrations created in both platforms using SmartThings One App and Classic. Only Smart Apps created via IDE don’t appear at the new ST App. But @I_am_Root, if you are using the new app you should be able to access your devices and your SmartApps through classic app.

At Classic app: Automation/SmartApps/ …choose your app or add a SmartApp.

You can use the sample that @mark_cockcroft has shared and create a new SmartApp of your own use going to

Steps: My SmartApps/New SmartApp

Hope this is useful to you. Cheers.

Reminder to point users to instead of the link you posted. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

Quick update. Now you can access to the SmartApps as well.

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