Help with smartthings motion sensor trigger

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Motion sensor trigger

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Sorry for the blank post I’m typing this on my phone and the page doesn’t display correctly. I’m trying to set up a trigger for my smartthings motion sensor. I want the kitchen Lights to turn on when motion is detected and turn off when there is no motion for 2 minutes. The problem is I want to restrict it from triggering if the lights are already on. The reason for that restriction is I have to have the sensor at the entrance to the kitchen and I don’t want the lights to turn off while I’m cooking because it can’t see me. So if I can set up a restriction that if the lights are already on then it won’t turn them off after 2 minutes. If anyone can help me figure this out I would really appreciate it.

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The easy answer is to use a CoRE piston, basically creating a rule that states:

If KitchenLight is off {
If MotionSensor is active {
with KitchenLight {
turn on
If MotionSensor is inactive for 2 minutes{
with KitchenLight {
turn off

Pardon for the lack of translation to CoRE, I am new at CoRE, not to programming.

Or you could learn to write your own app. (What I did before discovering CoRE)

CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons
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Thanks for your reply. I’m very new to CoRE, so can you explain the setup you listed. Is this a basic Piston? Do I put both at the top of the list under conditions. I’m still kinda confused.

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Hmmm, it seems I can only do the Stays function on the top level. not on a child level. Let’s ask in the other list…

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I may have found an answer: Follow the link for the formatted result.