Trigger SSH Telnet .bat file via Virtual Switch

Hello everyone,

I am currently powering PoE cameras located inside the house using a PoE midspan in between my cameras and non-PoE ethernet switch. This permits me to cycle on/off the midspan power using standard zwave switch so the cameras turn off when someone is home and on again when everyone leaves. I need to replace my switch soon and I was looking at the ubiquiti line of PoE switches. I would like to cut the midspan out completely (since the switch can supply its own power), while retaining the ability to cut power from certain cameras using a virtual smartthings switch. I came across this post from the ubiquity community forum that suggests an ability to trigger a PoE port On/Off remotely using SSH, telnet, or a .bat file. I am a bit out of my depth, but I am hoping someone with greater knowledge can spoon feed me an idea to work out a way to trigger PoE ports on a switch via smartthings?

I’m defo not going to spoon feed you, you should be a grown human and able to feed yourself.
With that being said you cant do this w/ Smartthings alone, look into nodered. With some research and some trial/error, executing a ssh command from a smartthings switch state change is a easy nodered automation.

Thanks for your advise on this @sidjohn1. I’ve been researching your suggestion and while I’m light years away from making this happen, I’ve begun looking at node red and other tools like mqqt. It looks like this is where I’ll be taking much of my home automation into the future. Thanks again for the introduction.