Trigger LIFX bulb color based on Smartthings sensor temperature?

I’d like to turn on my LIFX bulb to a specific color based on a below temperature event from a multi sensor. I’m a newbie- I did browse through the community posts and I don’t see anything like this as a smart app. Have I missed something or is there another app that can be modified to do this?

Ask in the core peer assistance thread. I believe it can manage LIFX colors but check to be sure.

Normally you wouldn’t need core for a rule this simple, but it does do a good job of color management. :sunglasses:

For simpler way…

I just realized LIFX has an IFTTT service/channel. So does smartThings. So it looks like most people are just creating a virtual switch, then setting up an IFTTT applet so that when that switch comes on something happens in the LIFX channel, and then going back and setting up a SmartThings smart lighting automation or other rule to turn on the virtual switch when they want. :sunglasses:

Thank you so much! CoRE intrigues me, I think I will check it out-
something to learn anyway!

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