"One Shot" Routine?

Google came up fruitless - maybe my search terms we’re bad.

Is there a SmartApp that supports scheduling a “one shot” event? For example, if I come home from vacation, I want my hub to, at 12pm on Sunday, February xxth, set the thermostat to 68, turn off the porch lights, turn on the water heater, etc, and then never run again, or even delete itself.

Does my explanation make sense?

First thing comes to mind is WebCoRE.


Can there be an answer on this forum that does not include “WebCore” in it? Seriously? Web core is not locally run. I prefer to do things if I can locally trigger them if at all possible. This is a legitimate question.

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Few steps to do this…

  1. First see if a Routine (and/or Scene) will do all the tasks.

  2. Make that Routine (and/or Scene) triggered by a specific real or Virtual Switch or Button.

  3. Then use something else to do the one-time scheduling … IFTTT or Stringify come to mind for simplicity, or SmartRules (App for iOS), or Sharp Tools (app for Android), or the SmartApp code to “execute” a single Routine isn’t very hard to write and wouldn’t be a bad start to learning ST programming.

But … yup: WebCoRE was written because SmartThings does not include what you and many customers feel are “simple, fundamental use cases”. Custom SmartApps can do anything you want, but even with the relatively “easy” language of Groovy, that’s not a suitable answer for 95% of folks.

WebCoRE fills the gap: It’s “nearly” as powerful as raw programming, while being “nearly” as simple as a traditional macro builder, rule builder, robot builder or whatever other products call such an automation creator.


Considering that the Smartthings smart apps like SmartLighting and Smart Locks are the only smart apps that are allowed to run locally, once you exhaust the native tools (which cannot do what OP asks…) You might as well go straight to WebCoRE…


I agree that WebCoRE can be overkill for those that are new to ST and are looking to do something that can be accomplished with a simple routine, scene or smart lighting automation.

But in this case it seems like an appropriate recommendation. Smart lighting is the only smartapp that runs locally, and it can’t do this. So any other options to get this done wouldn’t run locally.

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I will probably start looking at WebCoRE. I have been avoiding it just like other people in this thread because, let’s be honest, it makes me do work to set it up when I would rather just copy someone else’s code. I think that’s why anyone avoids something like this - because you have to learn something and do a little footwork.

The flip side of this is that if everyone then becomes an evangelist for it once they DO learn it, then it must be an awesome product - so I am depriving myself by not learning it. So I guess I’m finally getting into WebCoRE!


I’m not aware of anything else that will perform actions X and Y on specific date Z, unless you wrote your own smartapp like @tgauchat mentioned.

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I believe that when it comes to the SmartThings platform, reading, learning and doing some of the “homework” is a requirement because of the many different extended capabilities and directions that you can go in. Unless you are simply installing / configuring / running the most vanilla setup (supported devices using ootb device handlers, or scheduling basic routines for Automations) in SmartThings, once you go outside that box, there are additional things you must learn, install.or configure.

There are many other HA hubs where you don’t have this layer of complexity and don’t have to learn to the level of SmartThings, but then again, you aren’t going to find one that will allow you the flexibility and freedom to go outside the box and set something up to run on a specific date / year and then be left alone.

You could always setup a Routine that has no automation that you simply create a widget for on your phone and when you want a one time run, you simply press your widget and that routine fires, but outside of a specific day of the week, you aren’t going to get down to that layer of granularity for specific date / year OOTB without creating (learning even more) a custom SmartApp. Both Routines and webCoRE run in the cloud so you aren’t losing anything there.

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Any time you get to virtual/simulated devices, you are also no longer running locally…

In this case, one could create, for example, a Smart Lighting automation. Ensure all devices are running locally. Set it to run on a particular day, at a particular time, only if a particular mode is activated.

Then when returning home from vacation, use the app to activate that mode.
Then upon return, delete that particular automation.

I realize this is not exactly what the OP has in mind. But it is what can be done locally, since this is a concern for some folks.

Else you’re ‘stuck’ with tools like webcore.

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stuck = “rockin and rollin” :slight_smile:


Right, I understand that. I am afraid my comment came off as far more coarse than I intended. I was just saying that usually the reason people don’t want to do WebCoRE or something similar is that they aren’t ready to invest the time into learning it. Up until now, the vanilla apps and a couple of custom apps from the community have got me 99% of what I wanted.

Since it doesn’t seem I have “not learning something new” as an option anymore, then I need to learn WebCoRE. It’s really not a big deal at all - I was just naturally looking for a quicker solution first.

I really appreciate everyone’s replies!


Once you cross that little line in the sand, there’s no turning back :grin:

I put off core/webcore for many months. I found the language (pistons? Huh??) offputting when I just wanted to make a rule that works.

Then I found I needed to make rules that I could not with the stock apps…
As others have said, you don’t go back. It’s a terrific tool.

Hi all. Reading through this thread. I like the original poster prefer to eliminate clouds if possible. Just wanted to put out the options of eventghost or especially tasker. I can pull off everything with one or the other.

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With devices that are connected to a ST hub? Or a hub that actually runs locally?

Personally I use smart things obviously why I am here. I know a lot of it runs in the cloud. Which is why I said reduce clouds. If someone wanted to go completely local there are options for that. They just require more time and learning than I currently have.

There are a series of plugins for tasker called autoapps. The level of integration you can achieve is amazing. There is even one to directly hook into different apis. I have found my biggest trouble isnt whether or not o can do so. It is just deciding HOW I want to do it and with which plugin.


What about a device using a custom DTH that does not run locally?

I use the autoapps regularly, in conjunction with Sharptools… which runs in the cloud.

How are you getting the autoapps to talk to your SmartThings hub locally?

Currently use the api built into housepanel.

Besides seems I have been taken out of context. My statement was I prefer to reduce clouds never once said I don’t use clouds. My response was to the person looking for a local solution that was not webcore. Lol I admitted to my laziness keeping me on smart things.