Smart app that allows macro like android's tasker, or automate?

Hi there. Just wondering if there are any smartapps that allows a user to use there devices based on a macro. what I want to do is turn a dumb appliance into something I can control with smartthings. For example, I have a heater that has no smart capable. It turns on by pressing the ON button on the top of the tower. it will always select the last used setting (hi heat and oscillating). Pressing the button again within 3 seconds will change the heat setting to low, then to med , then to hi, and finally turns it off (ON(hi)>lo>med>hi>OFF).

the issue is that this is not a simple on and off device, it requires multiple press to get it to turn off. I plan on soldering 2 wires to the contact on the button and have it connected to a evolve LFM-20 relay module set to virtual momentary switch as the device type.

Here is the reason for my post:
I want to create a macro where it will trigger a specific sequence of events with a specific trigger.

trigger 1: can be anything from time, or after a sensor is tripped. but in my case, I want it to play [action 1] at 6:00AM every day.

  • action 1: LFM-20 to turn on, then off.
    trigger 2: play [action 2] at 7:00AM everyday
  • action 2: LFM- 20 to turn on, then off. wait 2 seconds.
    LFM-20 turn on, then off, wait 2 seconds.
    LFM-20 turn on, then off, wait 2 seconds.
    LFM-20 turn on, then off, wait 2 seconds.

wondering if something like this is possible? Thank you.

Webcore will do everything you want and more. It’s essentially a scripting language for SmartThings. They also have their own forum. :sunglasses:

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Webcore can do the turn on, off and wait, but i see a lot of potential issues that you may not want to risk with a heater:

  1. With SmartThings being cloud based and potential instability (like the outage right now), the process may get interrupted and your heater could be stuck on high.
  2. The platform isn’t designed for short wait periods. You would probably have to put wait times of 10-20 seconds at minimum.

It may be better to buy a dumber heater with a physical on/off switch that you can plug into a smart outlet (thats rated for the power draw).

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Thanks for link. I will look into webcore as a solution. I don’t have any programming knowledge but I hope to learn some simple ones some day, enough to get by what I intend.

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There are lots of people who will be able to help you create Pistons (which is what webcore calls rules) even if you don’t have any technical background. You can just describe the problem you’re trying to solve and other people will help you design the piston for it. :sunglasses:

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I understand the concern regarding the safety of this. I do plan on placing safeguards incase of lost of internet. I believe there are devices that will allow power only if there is internet connection and it will automatic break connection upon the lost of internet. that will be in line with the power that goes to the heater. also I don’t plan on using it if I am not in the room.


I have zero programing skills. Getting WebCoRE installed and creating pistons is pretty easy. Pistons is just another term for the tasks you want accomplished. WebCoRE is very versatile and adaptable to your individual needs.

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just made my first piston!


Congrats, but you should listen To those big red banners at the top and bottom. Use the green camera button instead.

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WebCore or SharpTiles

I wasn’t sure why there are 2 screenshot buttons. what’s the difference?

The red one posts your actual devices and actual backup code. The green one anonymizes the device and posts a backup code everyone can use.