Trigger a radio station using Amazon Echo from motion?

I apologize if this has been covered. I was wondering if when I wake up in the morning and motion is detected in my room could this tell Alexa to turn on a radio station for a duration of time?

Thank you

Not directly. At the present time echo will only accept voice commands. (That’s an Amazon restriction).

However, echo itself is a streaming Bluetooth speaker, so if you have a way to have that station come onto a phone you could have the phone stream it to your echo.

Alternatively (this is not a joke) there are some people who set up a speaker device near their echo, again typically an inexpensive android phone, and have something that has that device play a voice file with the desired echo command at the desired time. Echo will respond to that just the same way As it would to a human in the room. This actually has some practical uses for people with disabilities that do not allow them to vocalize themselves.

So you can get to the same end result, but you have to use an additional device to do it.