Amazon Echo commands over bluetooth

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this question. Just looking for responses from.people smarter than me.

Talking to a gentleman at Lowe’s (customer, not employee) he tells me he can give his echo commands over his Bluetooth speaker that has a microphone built into it?
I said skeptically, "don’t think it works that way"
He replies in a very stern rebuking voice. Well it MUST since that’s how I do it at home?

Anxiously awaiting the discussion?

Depends on what he’s describing.

If he’s just saying that he has a spoken command come out of his Bluetooth speaker and that tells his echo what to do, sure, there are people doing that. That’s become a pretty common setup with a nestcam (which has two way audio). That’s no different than a person standing in the room and saying the command.

If he’s saying that he speaks into a device with Bluetooth and he has sound come out on the echo, again, that’s a standard feature – – unlike the Google home, the echo itself is a streaming Bluetooth speaker and you can play sound on it from another device.

You can also hold the echo remote in your hand and use it to give commands to echo. And that remote is paired to the echo by Bluetooth.

So there are lots of possibilities, just depends on exactly what he meant. :sunglasses:

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You could be right @JDRoberts.
The way he described it to me and how I understood it, as what he was trying to say. Is that he can give the Echo commands through the Bluetooth speaker that has a microphone in it?

So issue Alexa command over a Bluetooth connection that is connected to his echo.

It’s really hard to guess at what he meant since he’s not here to answer the questions.

But at the present time, there are only two ways to issue commands to a specific echo:

  1. be within its hearing range and speak a command. A person could do this directly, or you could do it via another device with a speaker.

  2. use the echo voice remote

You can also use the echo as a speaker and connected via Bluetooth to another device so that whatever sound files you process through the other device will then be played on the echo. But you can’t give the echo commands that way like “play flash briefing.”

But again, without being able to actually ask the person what they’re doing and what devices are using, it’s just impossible to know what they have set up.

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A hands free Speakerphone ?

I agree with @JDRoberts any speaker within " earshot" of Alexa device will work. We have had extensive discussion about using cheap baby monitor to extend access to another room .
I had not even though about using 2way voice on a webcam to give me remote voice control of house. Then again is opening Nest or TinyCam app, selecting the camera by Alexa, activating the mic, then speaking the command really " easier" than just opening ST ( or whatever app) and clicking the command ?

Having a speakerphone set to auto answer, calling the house and just speaking the command is definitely something that seems pretty high techie though :wink:

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