Triac SmartThings compatible dimmer

Hi. I’m putting in some under cabinet lighting, and I want to have it be able to be dimmable a like everything else in the house and SmartThings controllable so it can be automated.

This is what I’m trying, but the dimmer (enbrighten 46204) doesn’t work.

Looks like I need a triac dimmer. Are there any that are compatible with SmartThings?

Next… if not… any ideas other the feit tape above that’s SmartThings’s dimmable?

Thanks in advance. Mike.

Zooz Zen 72/74 are triac dimmers both work with Edge drivers but not compatible with feit bulbs

Most Z wave device manufacturers have at least one Triac dimmer, you just have to look for the individual model descriptions. You can usually search their site for “triac ” and find them.

Some companies like Leviton also offer a line of “universal dimmers” which are designed to analyze the type of draw from the bulb and make the appropriate adjustments.

Some of the Aeotec inwall Models can handle Triac dimming, but they seem to be having some supply chain issues right now and they’re really hard to find.

I thought enbrighten had a leading edge model as well, but maybe I’m misremembering. :thinking:

hmmm, so Zooz is out… they plainly state it… is the one for Leviton? can’t locate, but not sure… the PDF is over my head… sorry.

Sorry: why is the Zooz out? I’m tired today, and I may have missed something in the specifications. If you contact their tech-support they are usually very helpful, and they should be able to tell you which of any of their models could work.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t look at the specifications of the specific lights you were trying to use, I just responded to the triac request. But if someone else hasn’t responded by Sunday, I’ll take a look at the light you were trying to use and then list the Leviton models that should work with it.

yeah, tired here too :stuck_out_tongue: long Friday the 13th… Zooz says here not Feit… Which LED Bulbs Can I Use with My Zooz Switches and Dimmers? - Zooz Support Center. would my application be different as using transformer and not a bulb… dont think so, but asking.

so I tried luton diva , and it didn’t work either. but it worked for my other new LED ceiling lights. as for the FEIT they must be doing something strange as nobody seems to work with the stuff. so im just going to put an embrighten toggle on it. luckily the FEIT im using returns to the last dim state when turning back on. the luton diva does incorporate with Alexa, apple and SmartThings all at the same time when you get the ethernet hub. another advantage is it doesn’t use 2.4 wifi. and no neutral. ok. thanks for the help here… till next time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like Lutron: that’s what I use in my own home.

As for Feit being weird, I have heard that before, but I haven’t looked into it to see what the actual technical issues might be. :thinking:

Anyway, I’m glad you found a solution!

Does Lutron have smart wall outlets that can be controlled by their hub? Seems like there’s an old version of the app Without hub and the new version of the app With hub. Thinking about replacing my Z wave wall outlets as they are finicky.

Sorry, I’m not sure what this is referring to. The Lutron app and Lutron SmartBridge? Or the smart things app and SmartThings hub?

They have a completely separate model line (Vive) intended for commercial installations with a totally different model hub which does have RF inwall outlets, but it doesn’t have a smartthings integration.

The Caseta Smart Hub that works with SmartThings doesn’t have any wall outlets. they do offer two Caseta smart plugs that plug into a wall socket: one which is dimmable (one of the only smartplugs on the market that is) and an outdoor rated smart plug which is not dimmable.

Some people will connect a Caseta switch to the dumb outlet and then you can control the switch, but unless you already planned to do that you’re adding more wiring costs. :thinking:

(Lutron also makes designer dumb outlets if you want to match the style when using the switched outlet method.)


Of course, if you are using a SmartThings account, you can use a different brand of inwall smart outlet. GE/Jasco and Leviton are probably the most popular. The GE are either zwave or Zigbee. Leviton offers zwave, Zigbee, or WiFi. The Leviton Wi-Fi outlet is popular for those who do not have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub.

Another option is to get an in wall relay module and connect it to the in-line wiring at a junction box, rather than trying to replace the dumb outlet. This can work, but read specifications carefully. Lutron doesn’t make any modules of this type, but there are many manufacturers that do and you will have a choice of protocols: zwave, Zigbee, or Wi-Fi.


Almost all smart inwall receptacles have only one outlet which is RF controlled. The other is an always on typical dumb outlet. So that’s just something to be aware of.

Send manufacturers put the controllable outlet on the top and some put it on the bottom, but there’s usually an on/off button for the RF socket in the middle.


Also, by their nature, most Smart inwall receptacles cannot be GFCI. That’s because the smart outlet needs to always have power so that the radio will work while GFCI is designed to cut power completely. So if you have a location like a bathroom where you need to have a GFCI outlet, there are two common options: put a smart module on the branch circuit upstream from the actual outlet, or use a smart plug in module, leaving the original dumb GFCI receptacle in place.

As @Paul_Oliver notes below, Leviton just released a new “industry first” WiFi model a few weeks ago which does have GFCI, but I don’t know whether it works with smartthings or not. :thinking:


Read model specifications carefully! For a typical US home, small appliances like vacuums or fans may go up to 15 A, but many smart plugs can only handle 10 A. Or aren’t designed for motor devices at all, only lighting.

Also, be aware that manufacturers that create models for the European market may describe a device as being suitable for outlets or fans (show pictures) but they are talking about devices with a draw of about 8 A, way lower than the typical US setup.

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ok, was putting this together when your reply popped up. Yes I dont see any smart wall outlets by luton. bummer.

My ge/enbrighter/smarthing (30-35 in house are finicky) (zwave) and was just looking for something more stable. Was hoping for some Lutrons as they have their own hub/network and incorporate into Smartthings.

I’d rather not go down the path of devices that don’t incorporate into SmartThings. I do have a couple outdoor smart amazon plugs, and for the greenhouse, but thats it.

thanks for the reply above. was already looking at some of the alternatives listed. Been z-wave users for over 20+ yrs and evolving w it, thanks.


FYI: Leviton makes a WiFi Smart GFCI outlet

Very cool! As they say, “an industry first.” Note that that product was released less than a month ago! With multiple patents.

Also, it comes in 15 amp and 20 amp US models, also very good.

I note that it says that it does work with the Leviton app, but not whether it works with the smartthings integration. And that it is specifically not part of “Decora smart” model line.

Does anyone know if it works with smartthings?