Transferring devices from one hub to another

Hi all,

I have a smartthings hub, but I am about to buy a new Samsung TV which has a smartthings hub built-in. I am thinking that it may be easier to use the TV as the main hub, but I’m wondering how easy it will be to move my devices over from my old hub to the TV?

Few questions…
1: Is there any disadvantages in using the TV hub over the dedicated smart-things hub?
2: Is there a way to simply transfer devices over from one hub to the other?
3: If not… do I need to remove the devices from the first hub before pairing them with the new one?
4: Is there a way of using both hubs simultaneously?

My one concern is that my new TV will be in the family room, which is at one end of the house… I am worried that the signal may not reach my office (on the floor above, at the opposite end of the house). Is this likely to be a problem? Is there a way to extend or repeat the signal?

Are you sure it has a Smartthings Hub and not just a Smart Hub.
They are 2 completely different things.
There are lot of threads and discussions about a Smartthings hub incorporated within the TV and the fact that it is not available.

This is the TV

the way I read the description is that it was built “alongside smartthings”, assuming it means that it is a smartthings hub.

There is a module that needs to be plugged into the TV for the smartthings hub. I think it’s like a usb stick. It’s not currently available or at least wasn’t available December 2016.

Yes. The smartThings module wasn’t available last I checked

There is no migration tool last I checked

Yes and no. The devices need to be unpaired from the previous hub to assign them to the new one. But I believe each piece of hardware has a way to unpair. It’s probably easier to just remove them ahead of time.

Hmmm… I think you should be able to, but I have never tried it. Hubs also can not talk to each other directly so you can’t trigger automation on HUB1 from a device on HUB2 without using some go between like IFTTT.