Looking for a GOOD thermostat Devcie Handler (DTH) that looks/ works well in NewApp to model for a rewrite

I’m afraid I’m going to have to completely overhaul the DTH I’m using for my Nexia driven American Standard Platinum XL950. (No the Nexia integration doesn’t pick it up, they do for the AS 850 Platinum and Trane 850, which is basically the same device. I’ve considered talking to my HVAC dealer to see if it’s an adequate replacement…) Does anyone have a suggestion on a thermostat DTH they like in Newapp that uses as many of these capabilities as possible so I can start seeing about reworking this thing?

    capability "Actuator"
    capability "Temperature Measurement"
    capability "Thermostat"
    capability "Relative Humidity Measurement"
    capability "Polling"
    capability "Sensor"
    capability "Refresh"

And NO I cannot ‘just use a Nest or an Ecobee’ As much as I would want to put in an Ecobee - American Standard/Trane in thier infinite wisdom put some of the ‘smarts’ for the heat pump in the head unit. i lose variable speed control among a few other key eco features if I replace it.

If you suggest one, please add screenshots of what it looks like in newapp.


Thanks, Ill take a look. Its actually because of the newer variable speed motors, not the zoning. All the control is done on the thermo itself.

Ill take a look at the control board but let me clarify. I will NOT be putting in a Nest now that Google owns them (because they killed the Works with Nest API and it would put me worse off than I am now.)

So, respectfully… Model device handler suggestions please. Not new thermos.

Is it truly variable speed or just two stage? I ripped out my Carrier Infinity crap years ago and wired up an ecobee as two stage for heating and cooling, and if anything I am saving money with the extra intelligence automation adds.

If you want to rewrite your app the stock thermostat vid, has everything above aside from humidity. You can query it in the CLI, then just update the JSON to add humidity, then generate a new vid. I plan on doing that for the ecobee eventually.

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Multi stage and variable speed heat pump wuth a digital two way communicating thermo.

Ive already had LONG talks with the AC installer. You have to replace the controller board if you put in a new thermo but you also lose the fan speed controls

Is the issue with the current DTH its logic or the presentation in the new app? If it’s just presentation, then it’s pretty easy to cook up a vid so long as you’re only using stock capabilities.


Its a bit more than that, Phil, but yes it basically boils down to presentation…

The current implementation spoofs a web connection to Nexia to scrape the device status. The connection logic for it is sound (at least until Nexia overhauls thier website) and it looks like its populating the attributes correctly but the UI never was completely right. Now in Newapp its read only and you cant set anything. What I’m going to try to do is rewrite a new one using a known good one as default - pulling the web calls into thd right places in the Groovy code and then create a custom VID to modify the presentation.

It eventually needs to be updated as a Cloud connected device or maybe a direct connected device but this would buy enough time to figure it out until the IDE goes kaput.

Spent some time digging through it last night Phil. Seems the DTH in the smartapp was missing the new default capabilities for thermostats and instead just had one called ‘thermostat’

I dropped in the standard Thermostat capability set, bumped the DTH to ‘Zwave Thermostat’ then back again to the custom one, and lo- there appeared my controls. And they work because the attributes were being populated. Now it’s UGLY. But it works, so now to try to wade through the CLI and do the custom presentation like you did with the Honeywell partition DTH.

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I was going to post last night that the thermostat capability could be the issue, since it’s been deprecated. Then I looked at the DTH I’m using - the stock zwave thermostat you mentioned - and it’s also using the deprecated thermostat capability. I would think we need to move to using thermostatOperatingState and such, so good that that worked for you. I don’t understand how the one I’m using is working. Maybe I pulled up the wrong thing on GitHub, or maybe there’s something else going on. I’m wondering if the DTH will work if I copy it into the IDE, since I need to edit it to get a couple features working again.