Trane AC/heat system....good thermostats?

I’ve searched the community extensively and have some ideas on a good thermostat for my Trane system (9 year old 19.5i system), but I want the community feedback also.

My current Trane thermostat has a built in humidity sensor…and uses it to adjust humidity (remove humidity) by running the AC. I’d like to retain that functionality.

Is there a compatible thermostat that can do this? I could probably buy a separate humidity sensor and devise some codes/app functionality to mimic this, but I’d like to keep it as simple as possible.

A few options I’ve seen discussed:

Ecobee3 (should work fine…but too much $$)
CT100 (I think it may work, if I add the code to reveal the humidity sensor reading…but not sure)
Zen (I don’t think Zen has a humidity sensor)
Honeywell ZWSTAT (not sure if this has a humidity sensor)



Nest will also, but is in the same price range as ecobee… Depending on your power provider your nest thermostat may qualify you for a energy rebate. Austin Energy does as well as a few others…

But not much cheaper than the ecobee3.

Thanks…yeah, not interested in the Nest. I see that the Venstar is Wi-Fi…but I don’t see it in the compatible products list.

Wrote my own device type… Works just fine (with the exception of it not always updating actual temps - like all SmartThings). They also have a local REST api, and dedicated apps and a browser interface that show runtime stats.

@scottinpollock Could you please post your device code so I can use it to add my Venstar thermostat to my smartthings hub? Thank you in advance for your help and work!