Track from pc

hi, would it be posible to open smart thing on ur pc and track ur belongings on ur macbook or pc

There is no ST app for a PC or Mac, but you can access the website which gives you some minimum control over your devices. There are also the ST CLI which is a command line tool that let you get information about your environment as well as issue commands to devices. For just looking at information about your environment (and some minimum control), there is also the community developed API Browser+.

If it works… I am not sure

System Requirements
Available on: PC
OS: Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher
Architecture: x86, x64, Arm64

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On a pc, yes.

Not a full featured app, but there is one for PC with limited functionality that does allow you to use the find feature:

Ah, have never seen that mentioned before.

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It’s pretty limited, but for this specific use case, it might be a match.

The SmartThings app for Windows allows you to do the following from your Windows PC or device:

  • Turn connected devices on or off.
  • Activate existing Scenes.
  • Edit your existing Rooms or add new Rooms .
  • Access and view the SmartThings Find feature.

However, there are a few limitations when using the Windows version of the app:

  • It cannot connect new devices or create new Scenes.
  • It cannot access or control Automations.
  • It cannot access or control SmartApps other than SmartThings Find.
  • It cannot edit connected devices or Scenes.
  • It cannot access device details which may limit your control of certain devices.

Also seems like it doesn’t get updates very often…

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If it is SmartThings Find you are interested in then your best option is probably the website. That allows you to track your own Samsung phones and SmartTags but not those of other SmartThings Location members as in the SmartThings mobile apps. Not sure about the other stuff like Buds.

There is a SmartThings app for Windows but it is pretty basic and most importantly it only supports SmartThings Find on certain Samsung Galaxy Books.