TP Link Wifi Switch issues and integration with ST Button

I just converted my garage lighting to use the TP Link HS200 WiFi smart switch, which works great in the Kassa app. However, the devices show up in SmartThings but I cannot use them from there. They always report a network /server issue, but work just fine from the Kassa app.

My goal was to use one of the SmartThings buttons I have to give myself a switch inside the house to turn the garage lights on and off, since right now you have to go out in the garage and fumble in the dark to find the switch (thank you builders).

iOS or Android? Which version of the ST app do you have installed?

Do report it to ST support :slight_smile:

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Android, latest app (not classic). v2 Hub

Will report to ST support

Doubt this will solve it but…

  • clear data cache on app, force quit and open it again.
  • reboot hub from IDE at select Hubs from the menu and go to Utilities to reboot it

Check the device in the kasa app and see if it needs a firmware update.

Also, how long has it been since you enable the integration? Some people have reported it took a couple of hours after the first integration before their devices showed up on the SmartThings side.

And are the devices showing up in Ifttt?

One last item. After installing into SmartThings, did you change your password within the Kasa App?

Force Stopped the app, cleared cache, rebooted hub. No luck.

No updates in Kasa app for the devices. Devices show in Kasa and ST, but fail to connect when trying to control it or view device info.