TP Link Integration disconnecting after a few days

Hello guys.

I ran the “TP-Link (unofficial) Connect” integration for 3 years without issues and decided to migrate to the new SmartThings native one 2 weeks ago.

Since then, every 5 days or so, Kasa seems to be logging me off the iOS app and asking me to re-enter my credentials. No big deal, I simply re-enter them.

The problem is that it seems to be executing the same procedure with SmartThings because my devices stop responding. If I go to Connected Services and click on TP Link, it will momentarily show a blank page for maybe half a second and come back to the main menu. My guess is that Kasa is requesting the credentials again and SmartThings does not do so?

The first time this occurred, I deleted the TP Link connected service and added it back. It took me over 1 hour to set everything back (automation, pistons, home bridge, iOS home, etc).

Now that this occurred a second time, no way I’m doing it again.

I tried: rebooting the SmartThings hub, restarting my iOS app, logging off both iOS apps (SmartThings and Kasa), no success.

Any idea?


I would say contact Samsung & tp kassa support & I’m sure you will be able to get assistance.

did you completely remove the previous tp-link kasa connect integration?

i hope you meant to say “linked services” instead of “connected services” because connected services was the previous term and has not been used in over 8 months when it was renamed to linked services. if you are seeing connect services, that would mean you have an extremely old version of the app. :slight_smile:

Yes. On the first occurrence of the issue. Now, on the second occurrence, I don’t want to lose everything again.

sorry, i meant the previous version you were using before switching to the new integration. the one you mentioned in the first sentence of your post.

Ho sorry. Yes. I deleted everything.

contact tp-link support. it is very strange that you are also being logged out of the tp-link app.

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My link service with Tp-link Kasa smart work fine in Europe server and Android app’s

Tp-Link KasaHS100 switches work fine for me Smartthings android app about 3 months ago (since I use it)