TP Link HS210 - Not able to reconnect with smartthings

I accidentally remove TP-Link HS210 Switches from smartthings after it was already integrated and connected with Kasa to smartthings.
I am trying to find Switches on smartthings again, but not able to. When I choose Kasa Smart then switch/dimmer I get at it shows in pictures here

How do I reconnect with smartthings?

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Wait 6 hours or so. That is the Kasa update cycle.


I was able to figure out how to remove Kasa integration from smartthings and then reintegrate it. Thanks for responding!


@vprime007 How did you remove the integration? I’m having the same issue. TIA

click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) then settings (the cog icon) and select Connected services. You can either swipe to the left on the field of the integration to delete or open it and choose delete.

Thank you!

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