Touch screen dimmer switches

Hey guys ,

Can you give some good brands of touch screen dimmer smart switches. I’ve been trying to find a brand that is z wave or zigbee. But so far I’m only getting wifi. What is a reliable brand that integrates with smartthings with no trouble?.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary, as does the zwave frequency. :sunglasses:

I live in Trinidad.

What shape and size switches are you looking for, and which zwave frequency?


Also, are you ok with just a capacitive button? If yes, Neo Coolcam devices might work. You can search the forum for discussion of these.

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Also, Aeotec makes a dumb touch panel that works with their own inwall zwave micros. Comes in white or black.


Alternatively, many people just an inexpensive WiFi phone on the wall and then use it as a control panel with one of the dashboard apps that work with SmartThings, like ActionTiles or SharpTools. You still have to have a smart device on each circuit branch, though. But you will get a lot more display options with these.


Brilliant is another fancy WiFi device Very expensive with only partial SmartThings integration, but some people like it.


Thanks Robert, I was looking for more the 2x4 size switches like the Aeon size but a dimmer.What brand do you recommend as a solid brand that does not have a bunch of issues when it comes to performance and integration?

The Aeotec can be used like a dimmer: the longer you hold it down, the brighter it gets. That’s a pretty common method for switches of this type.

As far as integration and performance, single gang will always work better than multi gang. Both Coolcam and Aeotec are fine, although nothing is perfect with SmartThings.

If you were talking about a dimmer with a slide control, there are very few of those because the slider is analog but the networked devices are digital and the translation gets complicated.

Ok thanks Robert you been extremely helpful man…all the best for 2021​:sunglasses::pray:t6:

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Hey Robert I came across a brand call Zemismart have you ever used this brand and what are your thoughts about this product…

That’s not a touchscreen. :sunglasses:

Zemismart is a known budget brand, some of their devices work with smartthings, I don’t know about the triple gang. You should get the model number and then search the forum to see if anyone has it working with the new V3 app.

Lol sorry about that.This is the dimmer, that was their three gang switch .

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Ok cool I will search for them :+1:t6:

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