Outside temperature from Yahoo Weather or some other service

Is there some way to see the outside temperature (using Yahoo or IFTTT) on the dashboard?
Related while how does one create a “tile” and control the content using IFTTT?

Okay I found this (again don’t know why SmartThings haven’t published this as a default app on their store). It’s brilliant weather tile that can be created through the IDE.

However, still can’t figure out how to connect IFTTT to this tile (or anohter app/tile)?

What do you mean by “connect IFTTT to this tile”? Give us a scenario and we may be able to suggest some approaches.

Sure for example I want IFTTT to send me yahoo weather updates (the Smartthings tile does not update, I have to manually go in and refresh it each time). i want the updates to show up on the Smartthings tile.

Did you get the Smart Weather Station Controller?

I replied here:

By the way it uses wunderground.com and you can even select local PWS.

Do some more searching in the community lots of info.

yes I did thanks and for future reference it’s a 2 step process

Install the Smart Weather Tile Device from the WebIde (kinda silly but that’s the way it is)
Login to https://ide.smartthings.com22
Go to devices tab (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/list)
Click new device button in top right corner (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/device/create)
Choose whatever you want for name and network id. Change type to SmartWeather Station Tile. Choose your location. Leave everything else alone.
Click create.

Install the Smart App “SmartWeather Station Controller”. It’s found under “+” > More > Convenience. This updates the weather tiles every hour.

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And to make things more interesting, there is a bug in the SmartWeather Station Controller. If one selected a mode (like Away/Home - I don’t want notifications at night) it stops working. The solution is simple, open the SmartApps and use this code:

Essentially it subscribes to mode changes the reinitialize the timer to update the tile. In the original code, if one timer is missed the next one isn’t scheduled (which is what happens say if I don’t want updates at night) so it stops working.