Top-down/bottom-up cellular blackout shades with Z-Wave?

I need to purchase some blackout shades:
• Z-Wave Graber Blackout Cellular Shades does W-Wave, but not top-down/bottom-up (TDBU) has cordless top-down/bottom-up, but no motor. has motorized blinds, but not Z-wave or TDBU

Didn’t see anything at BlindsGalore, BlindsToGo or SelectBlinds either.

Does anyone do this? If not, will there be anything in the next month or so? (If it helps, I am a developer and can beta test for you.)


how about zebra blinds? You can always shoot a message to Neal @ZebraBlinds - I bet he can help you find what you are looking for

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Zebra blinds doesn’t have top-down/bottom-up motorized shades, Neal has answered that question before in this forum (nor will they for the foreseeable future). And I don’t think anyone else does either. I wish someone did, it’s keeping me from pulling the trigger on replacing several sets of window shades in my living room that I’d love to automate.

It’s not Zwave, but there is an integration between the Hunter Douglas PowerView shades and the harmony hub. You have to set up the scene on the PowerView side and then the harmony can activate that scene.

So you could use the harmony as a “man in the middle” and have smartthings talk to the harmony and harmony talk to the powerview shade controller. That might introduce a little bit of additional lag, but for shades that’s not usually a big deal.

Confirm all of this before proceeding with purchase, of course, but it looks like it should be possible to, say, have a SmartThings controlled motion sensor trigger a hunter Douglas PowerView shade scene with this approach.

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There’s also an IFTTT service/channel for PowerView, so you wouldn’t even need the harmony. Again, it’s all based on the scene concept, though.

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@jkp thanks for the tag.

The only true and reliable TDBU motorization is the one’s @JDRoberts mentioned. Norman sells motorized TDBU as well… but in reality, it’s only a TD and would require a Broadlink RM Pro to control via ST (it’s an annoyance). No one is giving it enough of a focus to bring it as a mainstream option since it is quite complicated when you think about it and the number of requests for it is fairly low.

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@ZebraBlinds, is it then possible to have the top-down part be manual and keep the motorized bottom-up option?


Nope, :grin: I tried, still too complicated to make it work properly and without any major issues.

Such a bummer! It’s because of this single factor that we went with the HD PowerView for our bedrooms’ blackouts. It provides privacy when needed. HD has quite a big markup though. Maybe in two or three more years right? :wink:

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Are there any ZebraBlind options that allow motorized control with a sheer + blackout option?

Would love to install a system that I can do both with?

Dual Roller/Solar Shades. Higher the percent of the solar the better you can see through and the other shade is blackout.

Hey Neal – just ended up in this thread, as well as on from the same Google Search!

I don’t need Top-Down-Bottom-Up (just looking for some standard Blackout Shades – apologies to original poster!), but I’m trying to understand if the Z-Wave shades sold on ZebraBlinds support Google Assistant / Google Home integration via SmartThings? I would assume “yes” if they connect to SmartThings, but want to double check. Is there any documentation on this (ie: what voice commands to use, etc.) that I could reference as I look into maybe going this route?


They do work, you just need to switch the device type to a dimmer switch or a community dh. The main issue is that as far as I am aware, currently, GH doesn’t support blinds, so even if the blinds device is accessible to it GH won’t control it. As soon as smartthings reports the device type as a dimmer switch, it works.

Commands would be set “xname” to “x” percentage, close “xname” shade, Turn on “xname” shade and turn off “xname” shade. Open doesn’t work unless you do some custom workarounds since open can also accidentally open door locks etc.

There are these cellular shades at Blindsgalore that support TDBU with motorization. They don’t support Z-Wave but offer a proprietary “hub” that you can integrate with the SmartThings hub. The additional cost is substantial, though.