MOVEZ-motorize blinds and shades

The first Indiegogo of this product was Bluetooth and now it is compatible with z-wave.

Check it out here:


Anyone bought one of these?

I have, waiting to get it into my hands.

Great to hear it! Dying to try one, but I’ve spent through my wife’s patience point on SmartThings stuff over the past month or so and am trying to modulate my purchases a bit, but this one looks pretty cool and easy to install use. Mostly worried about whether it will have the “oomph” to manage a large shade like the one I have in my family room.

Really look forward to any feedback you have when it arrives. So not shipping until March (assuming they hit that date), correct?

Really interested by the product. Any update on ST integration?

Hi @bjensen, any news on this?

Well after looking at their indigogo comments, it seems they are 4 months behind schedule.

Also :

Integration will be possible with many Home Automation systems that uses Z-Wave protocol. For instance:

Telldus, Almond+, AMX, BitWise, Branto, Castle OS, Comfort, Control4, Cortexa, Cozify, e-Domotica, Elan g, Elitehome, Fibaro, Hive, HomeSeer, Homey, Indigo, Iris, Logitech Harmony, nCube, Neeo, Nexia, OOMI, OpenHAB, Peq, Popp Home, Proove, SmartThings, StackBox, Staples Connect, SwannOne, Vera, Vivint, Webee, Wink, Zipabox.

No. The movez blinders are delayed till july :see_no_evil:

Buyer beware. Fell for one oof these startup sales with Goji locks a few years ago… they love to take your money and keep telling you it’s on back order and next thing you know your out hard earned cache. Startups should be against the law. Just a new way to rip people off. Goji kept telling us they were delayed for updates and improvements… dragged on for almost 2 years and one day the just folded up and walked away with all the money.sorry for ranting… just hate to see people getting ripped off

“Startups” aren’t the problem… “Pre-Sales” are. Or, rather, the problem are consumers that think they are getting a bargain by buying far in advance of any real production, deliveries, reviews, refund policies, etc.

Yep your right. But they mislead you into thinking they are into production when in fact their only in development.

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Guess ill wait, i haven’t got burn yet with startups but we never know

It’s July what’s the latest from these folks?

Nothing im afraid, tho i see them posting on facebook from time to time, but nothing apart from showing off their product

Old thread, but just discovered this product, although very unclear whether it’s been released yet!? Anyone? And when it is, will it work automatically with ST or will someone need to create a dh?

Hi, ive been looking at it everyday, no sign of it being release as of yet…

I have had one of the bluetooth devices for a few months
It can lift a decent size blind ok but it eats batteries
A set of four AAA last about a month with 1 open & 1 close per day
If i keep it then I’ll look at putting it on some kind of transformer (which pretty much defeats the reason I bought it)

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Is this their website?

Trying to determine if a single pull string will work, it appears so…but I am not sure about the clearance, depending on how much room you have to work with…the unit looks fairly large.

They will not, wrote them and got the following answer…

Hi Mike,

Gear only works with looped cords. Some of our customers modified their cords into a loop, but this is a case by case solution. If you think you can safely modify the cord into a loop it can work.

AXIS Customer Support

I have been searching how to modify a single pull into a cord loop, but haven;t turned anything up.

BUYER BEWARE: TEPTRON A.B. / MOVE / MOVEZ motorised blinds

As the likelihood of receiving my repeatedly promised refund evaporates (‘We’re looking at it today’, ‘Will be with you in a few hours’, etc), thought I’d share my awful experience with Teptron A.B.

Strongly suggest you review the Kickstarter (Move) and Indiegogo (MoveZ) pages for complaints, lack of support and countless failed refund requests from other customers, prior to considering their products. Smart blinds, perhaps, smart company - 100% nope!

My (heavily documented) experience has proved they are not to be trusted, no matter how compelling their offer / technology is.

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This is typical of a large number (perhaps the majority?) of “tech gadget” crowdfunding campaigns.

No need to heavily document. You were a funder - not a “customer”.