Tonight's schedules not firing either

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #1

Is it just me?

Bloody 20 char

(Eric) #2

NOPE! I doubt it’s a coincidence, but my morning event (it’s the only one I have on a schedule) didn’t trigger this morning, which is the day following the app update. Is this being looked into?

(Ron S) #3

My auto Good Morning which turns on couple of Philips Hue lights did not get triggered at 4:55 AM this morning. Off to work custom action which turns them off at 7:15 AM worked though!

(Matt Fink) #4

Same here - my 5am good morning didn’t happen… Manually triggering it worked…

(Eric) #5

Great, so timers are broken. Is this a known issue? ETA on fix?

(Matt Fink) #6

Everything worked fine today… I hope it did for everyone else as well.

(Eric) #7

Yeah same here… phew. Would be nice to know if that was just random or they actually had an issue.

(Ron S) #8

Will update tmrw morning! Fingers crossed!

(Ron S) #9

Things are working fine for me the past few days.