Tonight's schedules not firing either

Is it just me?

Bloody 20 char

NOPE! I doubt it’s a coincidence, but my morning event (it’s the only one I have on a schedule) didn’t trigger this morning, which is the day following the app update. Is this being looked into?

My auto Good Morning which turns on couple of Philips Hue lights did not get triggered at 4:55 AM this morning. Off to work custom action which turns them off at 7:15 AM worked though!

Same here - my 5am good morning didn’t happen… Manually triggering it worked…

Great, so timers are broken. Is this a known issue? ETA on fix?

Everything worked fine today… I hope it did for everyone else as well.

Yeah same here… phew. Would be nice to know if that was just random or they actually had an issue.

Will update tmrw morning! Fingers crossed!

Things are working fine for me the past few days.