Toggle Switch in Black?

Are there any toggle switches available in black? We are moving into a new home and all the switches and decorative plates are black. I want to replace the switches with black and I can only find white ones. I have searched and googled and have not had much success.

There aren’t any that I know of. Because smart switches rest in the center position, most people prefer rockers where it’s not as obvious. With the toggle the switch sticks out all the time and then you tend to get guests thinking that the switch is broken then pressing it over and over.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get toggles if that’s what you really want (for example, they are generally easier for service dogs to use), but I’m just trying explain why there isn’t as much demand for them and so not as many manufactures make them.

I don’t know of any that are made in black.

You can Use an in wall micro and then you can use any wall switch that you want. :sunglasses:. However, again it may confuse guests when the switch looks like it’s off but the light is on. But then a lot of three-way switches work that way as well, so it may be more accepted.

What an appropriate typo (transcribe-o?) :rofl:

You be the judge. :wink:


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My service dog preferred the voice error where I said toggles and it transcribed as tacos:

i’m not saying you shouldn’t get tacos (they’re easier for service dogs to use)

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Here not a toggle switch, but a touch panel in black.


There are lots of different black switches that are not toggle switches, in a number of different styles including rocker, momentary button panel, lutron, et Cetera. So if you’re interested in those, let us know, because there are many examples. But I had assumed from your first post that you had already considered those, and only wanted a toggle.


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could you just paint the toggle black?

Paint tends to wear off of toggle switches in a few months because they’re constantly being handled and most paint does not adhere well to the typical shiny plastic used for switches.