SAF toggle switch color

Just getting into home automation. So far Smartthings is doing all I could want it to. SAF is pretty high (I’d say around 85%)

Just installed GE toggle switches and dimmers in our living room and laundry and having the lights come on automatically when we get home is awesome.

of course all of our original switches were “almond” color, so my wife doesn’t like the white not matching the switch plate… Has anyone seen good switches that come in different colors?

My solution of getting white switch plates was shot down because the color of the walls. Sigh…
Its funny that the most difficult part is color. Setting up and wiring the switches was easy.

The GE switches probably offer the most colors of any, you just have to get them from the manufacturer as most retailers, including Amazon, don’t carry them.

But they’re available in five colors: white, almond, ivory, brown, and black.

Personally, I like the looks of the Cooper’s which also have black and silver in combination and some other decorator looks, but that’s just me. But those only work with their own switches. :sunglasses:

Thanks, unfortunately I purchased the toggle versions, not the paddle. I was using the Toggle switches because our home had toggle switches and I wanted to keep it the same. Hind sight I should have used the paddles and that way could color match. Sigh, 4 out of eight installed, I could return most of it and reorder.
Like I said, I like that fact that color is my worst problem so far.

Sorry, I was just responding to the bit about colors.

As far as I know, the GE white toggles are the only zwave toggles available. Many people don’t like them because the switch rests in the neutral position with the toggle sticking straight out horizontally, not up or down like a non-networked switch. This is much less obvious with the rocker style.