Toggle switch for 24v comm wire from gate?

I have a light switch in my house that, if turned off, opens my driveway gate (Dooking DKS 4502) and leaves it open until I turn it back “on”. When in the “on” position, the keypad works as usual. When I pulled out the switch from the wall, it’s got two 18 gauge wires in it, so I’m assuming this is a 24V “Access Control Device” comm circuit, as seen on electronic page 28 (numbered as page 24) in the gate opener manual:

So the question is, how do I replace this switch with a zwave device and retain the physical toggle switch option? There is a 120V outlet in a separate switch next to the box, so I can draw power from there, if needed. I’d also like to be able to visually tell if it’s own or off (maybe a toggle switch with an LED indicator).

Any ideas?

If it was me, I would just use a physical smart switch cover over the existing switch. That would be the easiest. You want one that physically moves the switch underneath.

Ecolink makes one which would be perfect, but the toggle style has become very hard to find. :disappointed_relieved: you might have to contact the manufacturer and see who’s selling it.

Alternatively, you could replace your existing dumb toggle switch with a dumb rocker switch, and then use the rocker style Smart cover over that. The rocker model is much easier to find than the toggle.

I think it’s still visually pretty obvious, it would be an easy install, and you don’t have to worry about the voltage levels. The smart cover literally physically moves the switch underneath, it is not wired into the mains.

Definitely an option I was debating.

Also wondering if the Aeotec Nano Switch ZW139 would work?

Have 120V to N and L and back from switch on S1, then have 24V- wired to IN and 24V+ to OUT. But I’m not sure I like having 120V that close to the 24V terminals.

The Qubino device has a dry contact so the controlled voltage can be seperate from the power.

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Doesn’t seem to show great Smart Things compatibility:

I think this is my answer. It won’t use the existing switch, but it has an LED to indicate the on/off state and a dry relay. I’ll just tap the adjacent outlet box for power. It also supports an external switch, if desired.

I use one of the Qubinos on my gas fire place. It works great with ST. There are device type handlers for it. I didn’t dig into your other option that deep. With the qubino and most other relays you can use any old switch as a manual input. Usually the relay is pushed into the back of the box and the standard switch wired as an input to the relay.

The Aeotec Nano Switch ZW139 was exactly the option I was thinking of when I read your question. The installation materials walk you through installing for “low-voltage” applications (as in the diagram you showed. It should work very well for the gate.

It’s up and working! Tapped into the outlet for power, then hooked up the 24v wires coming from the gate control to the relay. I also moved the metal mounting bracket to the optional location, then busted out the dremel to make the standard Decora square switch plate fit (not sure why they didn’t size this switch to a standard switch plate size, but… Adapt and overcome).