RBG LED strip controller

I have installed a RBG LED light strip around a pool. When I pair the controller to my smartThings hub I used the generic z-wave device option. When installed I can turn the lights on/off and dim them but do not have an option to change colors. The light strip is from a company called Solid Apollo and their web site recommends the SmartThings hub be used. Their tech support said I needed to talk to Samsung, and they referred me to this site. Is their another brand device I can use to operate the RBG lights

You probably need to change the device handler it is using. You do that via the IDE, and then going into the device and editing the Type field. You can try “RGBW Light” from the drop down menu. If that doesn’t work, then you may need a custom handler written.

@TheSmartestHouse has one that may work for you as well:

There are also several others that may or may not work with your light strips, and those can be zwave or zigbee. There are many discussions in the community regarding RGB/W controllers, which can be a bit overwhelming to read through all the opinions.

Try updating your device to a different handler first. It may work, and/or another custom handler may work that’s already available in here somewhere.

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