"toggle" feature for shades

At this moment lights in the ST app has a toggle feature. so it can be turned on/off using one button and one rule.
But window shades and coverings requires two rules or even two buttons to open/close

Would it be hard to add a toggle feature for shades too?

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@nayelyz ^

Hello, @veonua.
It’s not clear what you would like to change for the “window shades” capability and where, can you share some screen captures to have a better reference, please?

so it would be used to have
Window shade: open or close

in this routine

If shades are at 50%, what would toggle do? Open or Close? I can see there is the Pause option. That means you can stop it at any point between open and closed state.
It’s easy if it’s open or closed, toggle would do opposite.
Anything in between toggle would not be able to decide which way to go

I think we can inherit light logic - if the light is 50% then it’s “on” (“partially open”)

actually there is a toggle button on the dashboard already

what I am asking is just to have the same option in routines. @nayelyz

clicking on the physical button should do the same thing as clicking on the circle in the app, easy!

I agree with you, anything more than 0% it’s open or on, like water faucet, light bulb, shades, garage door, etc. Only 0% it’s off or closed.

ok, we will create the feature request for this capability.
Remember the feedback about this request can take some time based on the feasibility analysis and workload of the team.

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