Routines and Window Shades

I noticed routines have an Open or close Window Shades section. However running the routine doesn’t control my shades, there’s no entry in logs either except “HH execute(true, null, null), newMode: null”.
Could anyone use this?

Where do you see “Open or close Window Shades”? Can you provide a screenshot? I don’t see that under my SmartThings Routines.

It’s only visible if you have Windows Shades.

Are you using the new ST app?

I have the latest. Version 2.15.1, build 218914. Does it work for you?

You also have no window shades selected in that screenshot. Tap on “Select Window Shades” and then select your window shade devices.

Why wouldn’t I think of that? Of course I have devices selected in the real routines. I have two, one to open and one to close all but none of them works.

Don’t bark at me dude, I was just going by what you posted. I’m trying to help you here and now you’re giving me attitude? Good luck man.

I believe this person is looking at Routines (Routines don’t exist in new app - just Automations). It is possible that it doesn’t appear without having them or they are in a different region than the rest of us (just like the Marketplace doesn’t show the same apps between US and EU/UK.

I don’t see this as an option to perform the action on the Routines, however I do see that under additional settings to perform when (it does show here, but not something I can use because I don’t have shades):

You were asked the question because your screenshot does not show the device in the Routine, yet it shows Closed for Action.

So if it is allowing you to initially set the Window Shade in the Routine and let’s you save it , and then when you edit again and the device is no longer there, that’s an issue. I would open a ticket with Support to see if that function is supported or there is a bug. Regardless of not having Window shades or not, all devices even if you don’t have them should show the function regardless and none of us can see that function on the main page, yet, I can on the additional settings page to fire the Routine off the condition (screenshot above).

It does not work on mine (open or close). Created a new routine in the ST classic app. It does work if I select it under turn on/off lights and switches.

So you see the option to Open or Close on the Main screen of the Routine then?


Yes, I see it.

Can you show screenshots like I provided?

And you are located where jkp?

Darn you, make me get up off the couch.

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You can’t do screenshots from your phone?

I am too old to figure that out

and the top part if you are curious

Ya that’s good. Wanted to see the order of everything.

So do you actually have window shades? Do you have valves as well added as a device?

my somfy blinds show in that section