Help a newbie with a code - Z Wave Switch from HogarControls Company

Hi Community!

(Don’t know how to code and I’m new in this world).

I have a switch installed and created in my SmartThings App. The device has 3 buttons and was recognized as a Z Wave Device Multi-Channel; right now, only (1) button is working.

My first attempt was installing a SmartApp called Multi-Channel (Had to use the SmartThings Classic app), after that, i saw the different endpoints but it doesn’t do anything (They only work when i manually turn the switches on, so they only turn off each button).

My second attempt was to enter the Device Handlers world, and I found one that not only recognized 2 of the 3 buttons, but they also work correctly.


Can you help me edit this code so it can be used in 3 buttons? Don’t know if that is possible.

Thanks a lot!