TKB Home TZE93 Room Thermostat

Evening All,
Has anyone else here purchased one of these ?
Looking for some guidence to write a DH for it, its defaulted to “Z-wave Thermostat”

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

What is missing from the default DH that you would like to see?

I would like to tweak it, remove “fan auto” and “cool” temperatures as it’s a heating module only. Also, see if it’s possible to include the decimal point ?

The stats are great though :slight_smile:

The DTH if I remember correctly the stock DTH should query the device and then present the options. Atleast that what happens in our custom DTH.

Wondering if the device is reporting that it supports them when it probably shouldn’t.

Thanks for the reply, it seem to be reporting back that this TZE can cool, but the cagle connections are just for heating…

Would your DH work on a TZE93 RBoy ?


If the thermostat is reporting that it supports cooling, then cooling will show up even with the custom DTH. It queries the thermostat capabilities and then shows the relevant controls, you can see screenshots on the topic post on what the dynamic controls look like.
e.g. Thermostat which report emergency heating will see an extra mode, same for fans, filters, humidity reporting etc.

We’re working on a special edition DTH for EU thermostats but it’s not released as yet, you can subscribe to our facebook page for updates.

Thank you for the reply,
will keep a lookout


I am looking at buying this device. Am I correct to assume that it does work out of the box with the default Z wave thermostat and you just want some tweeks?

Thanks in advance


Hi, it does work straight out the box with the generic driver, although I would like to remove redundant buttons “cool”

Thanks for the fast response - I will give it a go

Hi. Anyone have problems with this TKB Home TZE93 thermostat with memory function ? Now after power failure or power cut the thermostat goes to offline mode / no operation mode. This is huge problem because this thermostat is about 150km distance located at cabin.

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