Tips on deciding on the smartthings hub instead of other hubs/platforms in the marketplace

I am new at home automation, and would like to get your advise

  1. why should I decide on the SmartThings hub and not other hub?
  2. If buying the Smarthings hub, how can I tell if its V1, V2 or a newer release?


Originally when I chose SmartThings, it was because they supported Windows Phone (which I had at the time). The other factors to me, which are more important are…

1: VERY OPEN - There’s an active community that work to get devices integrated into ST.
2: Supports multiple standards (ZWave and ZigBee)
3: Works with a TON of 3rd party devices such as Amazon Echo, Harmony Remotes, IFTTT, etc.

So, I don’t know what other “other system” your considering, but SmartThings is the most flexible IMHO.

As for v1 vs v2 - If you come across them they should say v2. V2 has a squarish look to it and there’s a battery compartment on the bottom. You want v2 IMHO. But if your looking to save a couple bucks, then get v1

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Every system has pluses and minuses, so it just depends on your needs.

The following thread should be of interest (this is a clickable link).

Is anyone from Smartthings monitoring these posts who can comment on what’s being done to stabilize the platform? is anything is being done to address the platform inconsistencies?

You can check any of the several active threads on stability. The company says that they’ve made it a top priority, and I believe that. They just aren’t quite there yet. They do post from time to time about various improvements that they’re making.

One of the significant things that they did a few months ago was to hire an engineering director from Amazon as their new chief engineer. I don’t expect him to turn things around immediately, but I think it’s a very good sign.

You know, I’ve been using SmartThings for over a year now and, while, initially, SmartThings was buggy as all hell, recent updates have been pretty stable for me.

I mean, my house is probably a lot simpler than some people’s houses - with maybe about 5 or 6 lights, a few sensors, a few smart locks and a few cameras, so maybe your mileage may vary, but I’ve not experience the major instability everyone talks about.