Do we have alternatives to ST?

Since my SmartThings hub is useless right now, do we have any alternatives to ST?
Is there anything that do simple routines and somewhat reliable?
Those are actually all my requirments which ST is unable to do.

Just want my z-wave things to be some what useful…

What’s wrong with your ST hub? You can have a look at Vera plus or Wink 2 or zwave dongle

Wink is a good alternative, and works well. What is wrong w/ your ST hub? I have a few GE remotes that are use as secondary controllers for my Zwave lights when my internet is down, but i haven’t had to use them in quite a while.

Is your ST not working? Is it a ST 1 or v2 ?

Every system has pluses and minuses. There’s nothing exactly the same as SmartThings in terms of whether custom code is allowed and which devices work with it and its price point, but there are lots of other home automation systems that offer their own combination of features and devices. See the following for more discussion.


My garage door opened last night at 2am for no reason. Couldn’t even shut it with the ST app becuase it doesn’t even work.
What a peice of crap…

Have you contacted support?

[quote=“dseg, post:5, topic:85448, full:true”]My garage door opened last night at 2am for no reason. Couldn’t even shut it with the ST app becuase it doesn’t even work.
What a peice of crap…[/quote]

THIS is why I don’t have all such controls under one hood. There’s no automated convenience worth something like that occurring.

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I prefer the good old trust wall switches.

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ST is my third stop in the journey of home automation. First was Vera and second was OpenHab. Trust me, you will find threads like this on both forums. All systems have their weaknesses and all will have times when they won’t work.

There is no 100% system, best maybe 80%. I can’t say that ST is best, but from what I’ve seen in my amount of time it isn’t any worse.

are you using the smart thing presence sensors. This is a known issue with them randomly signalling a return even though you haven’t left. I had the same issue since i use them … the garage would open in the middle of the night when it sensed i returned. I have a custom version of the presence sensor device type that does not allow change of state if you were already in that state .ie no return if you were already there.


9fcbe3a3-f248-4cb9-8fe6a34e75 11:39:37 AM: info Found last state = present… same new state = present … Ignoring!
9fcbe3a3-f248-4cb9-8a6e6a34e75 11:39:37 AM: debug In parse presence message!

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I moved from ST to a Wink 2 after months of missed routines and no progress from support. I’ve greatly expanded my system since moving to Wink and have had zero issues. That’s not to say Wink is flawless. While local control for the hub works flawlessly, local control from the app doesn’t work. If you use your app to control lots of things you may be just as frustrated as you are with ST. If you primarily use schedules and routines, you should find a much more stable experience with Wink.

I am headed over to Home Assistant ( The high cloud dependency and forced (short notice) firmware updates are just too unacceptable for me. Of course there are pro’s and con’s to all systems. But, I need something that has primarily local processing and where I have the control over when I update the system.
Home Assistant has support for a ton of things. And some things that I never really got working under ST (or at least were very complicated or required paid access to DTHs and SmartApps) were a breeze to setup under HA. My Foscam camera was setup in minutes. Ring Pro as well. AppleTV integration was detected automatically. Presence via device availability in my router works flawlessly. Something I wanted to do in ST so that not every family member needs to install an app. Osram Lightly was also a breeze to connect.
Zigbee support is supposedly not so great in HA, but I will give it a try and setup a bridge to ST via MQTT in the mean time until everything is migrated.

For me the flexibility (and other things mentioned above) is totally worth the additional learning curve.