Tips, advice, help etc on modding a smartapp for project

Aloha everyone. So I took a quirky egg minder stripped it down and I’m currently doing the finishing touches on its new housing. Being able to know how many eggs I have at any given time is cool I guess but being able to monitor my Mt Dew supply is wayyyyyy more important hence my project. Yes my initial thought was beer but who buys that 12 at a time lol. I probably should of looked into this first but how complicated is it to alter an existing app someone made to port it into Smartthings and have it say Mt Dew instead of eggs? It also keeps track of the dates the eggs were inserted for freshness and things like this I would just delete but I have no idea if that would cause any problems. I’m already expecting a lot of trial and error because I can’t code but I can figure out what’s needed and what’s not from looking at it. Also is this even ethical to do since I will be basically taking someone elses work and copying/altering it. I’m not planning on disturbing it for sale or anything like that though but I will post up the final project once/if I can finish it so anyone can use it if they make something similar. It would be nice to avoid any obvious (to a coder) mistakes that I wouldn’t know about so any help, tips or advice anyone can throw my way would be greatly appreciated and I hope to get started on it this weekend.