Outdoor Camera for smartthings

Hi All,

I’m looking at a not very expensive option for outdoor cameras but it looks like ST supports only Arlo and Ring. Is it really worth it paying more to get a camera from these 2 brands or Blink or another vendor Alexa compatible will do just fine?

What I just need is home monitoring and eventually spotlights in case of motion near the camera.

I have all doors/windows sensors on ST already.

I’m having great success using tinycammonitor on an always on android tablet to act as my man in the middle with SmartThings. My dumb Swann DVR feeds over ip into tinycammonitor, and then pushes motion alerts to SmartThings via webCoRE webhooks. Tiny cam also handles sending me screenshots with each motion alert and also handles cloud recording.

Oh, and all of that only costs $10. Once.

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Same here. I use TinyCam with my cheap Wyze camera’s I use outside. However I use an extra Amazon FireStick I had laying around for my web-server instead of a tablet. A firestick is cheaper than a tablet as well. I could also use an OTG cable with that firestick if I wanted to record the video on a USB drive. I might do that later.

Oh that’sa great idea. How does the fire stick handle the workload? My 8 cameras with motion and web server enabled was too much for an old nexus 5x I had lying around, so I moved it all to a chrome book.

I have 6 Wyze camera’s… 2 of them have the pan-motor. I only show 3 at a time on a window (action tile panel) or the video does this stop & start video (1 to 3 seconds) which can get annoying. On ActionTiles I only show one camera (driveway) on the Home panel and its smooth. And I can’t get the pan motors to work with the firestick though I haven’t really tried to work with that. I’m also using a Gen 1 firestick so I don’t know if the newer firesticks such as the 4K models with more memory would be better… maybe.