Looking for good IP Camera Mobile App for iOS

Off topic a bit but I know a lot of smart things users have IP cameras so wondering if anyone can recommend a good IP camera mobile app for iOS.

I am looking for one that supports FOSCAM with the ability to listen to camera sound, speak through camera, move camera PTZ, and use saved positions.

Currently I use OWLR and love it but they don’t support the fixed positions and it drives me crazy trying to move the camera with PTZ, especially with a weak connection because the app stores the move request but you don’t see the camera moving so you keep holding it and when it does move it moves way too much.

What I really love about OWLR that none of the others do is it stores the local IP and the remote IP and decides which to connect to. This is critical for me because I use EERO router which doesn’t work with external IP when inside the network. So without this feature I have to double all my camera configs one for inside my home and one for outside.

Foscam pro

Ip cam viewer by nibblesnbits. There’s a free lite version to give you an idea of its features, just ad supported and probably limit on number of cameras etc. but I’ve been able to connect foscam and amcrest ptz cams and a hikvision mini-dome without problems. Not sure it can do what you describe for connecting both within and outside your LAN.

I have had really bad experiences with the Foscam apps on Android so don’t want to purchase from them unless I am sure it does what I want. Does it have the features I listed ? I actually forgot to add I have one d-link camera so want it to work with other camera’s also.

I have tried this one but rejected it because most of the features I want to test are disabled in the free version. I call this Cripple Ware and HATE IT. The free version is full of ads and yet is still mostly disabled. I don’t like supporting developers who do this. The free version didn’t support the internal/external IP either. This was one of the features that worked in the free version and it didn’t meet my desired requirements so I moved on.

So far based on these two recommendations I think I will stick with OWLR. It is very well written and the dev claims they will add preset positions at some point. But I really miss it so I hope he adds soon.

I use a program on Android called TinyCAM Pro.

It works really well and also supports presets!

I did also and liked it a lot. But they don’t have an iOS version.

Ahh sorry - Didn’t read your post correctly.

I like LiveCams Pro: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/live-cams-pro/id428145132?mt=8

It woks well for the Foscam that I have (supports presets and audio, haven’t tried to talk back through it, though), and it works with D-Link as well. My cams are both a few 3 or 4 years old, so not sure how it works with the latest and greatest stuff.

Edit: It supports local and remote addresses. I didn’t realize that until just this moment, so thanks for showing me a new feature!

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@jsulliweb PERFECT! Just purchased it on your recommendation and right away it does exactly what I want !
All requirements met! Kudo’s to you!!!