Timers waiting for date in the past

I’ve been having trouble having timers go off… Just looked at one via the web and see this:

Scheduled Jobs
Handler Next Run Time Prev Run Time Status Schedule
takeAction 2016-01-19 5:30:00 AM PST 2016-01-18 5:30:02 AM PST WAITING Daily
SmartApp Version At a Certain Time

Today is 2016-01-22 … Seems this will never go off. I’m quite sure I can delete it and recreate … but before I do - this seems like a bug. My firmware for V2 hub occurred on 01/21… was hoping things like this would be fixed… Is there a way to tell the hub to reset all the timers to the CURRENT date?

Scott Rohling

Known problem, which (I believe) is part of the reason why the database change is occurring today. In the meantime, just go into the smartapp (on your mobile device) that is scheduled in the past, and hit Done - that should reschedule it.

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Thanks - but had already done this – the numbers don’t change. Still waiting for 1/19/2016…


In that case, either wait it out for the db change (< 2.5hrs from now) and hope that fixes it (doubtful), or recreate it.

Edit the numbers, set them back to original,save… Voila