Automation still not adjusting with sunrise/sunset (20 March 2021)

This seems to be a persistent problem. If I base automations on sunrise/sunset, they work the first time, and then every on/off after that is the same time, they don’t adjust to daily changes with sunrise/sunset. Why does this keep happening? Also, changes to standard time/daylight savings are problematic.
I have what I think is a 2nd generation hub. Thoughts/comments/suggestions?
I power cycle the hub, go in and change the geolocation, then change it back. Also change the time before/after sunset and then change it back. It works correctly once, then sticks/stays at this time.

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ST was suppose to have resolved that issue last week.

Not for me. Same on/off times for several days now.

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maybe edit them, add a space on the end of the automation name and save.

report the issue to ST support.

Why adjust the name? Do you know if this is proven to work? Also, dumb question, I’m not sure how to ask support, I kind of thought this was support. My first time posting anything here.

I just opened a ticket with support.

the quickest method to edit/save an existing automation is adjust the name so it allows you to save that automation. easier to add a space then going into it and adjusting an item and setting it back just so you can save the automation

Good idea, thanks.

Otherwise make sure that you have updated the app to the latest version.

And if you are from the UK use the support email address ends with

I use the app from Android, so it updates automatically, I check this pretty much daily. There are two login accounts, we logged out of both of them and back in.

Will let you know. Thanks.

I have the same problem. My sunrise automations have triggered at 6:57AM every day since Monday. They were at 6:09AM on Sunday. There’s only 6 days of history (wtf?), so I can’t tell what it was before that. Similar problem with sunset.

My switch toggled at sunrise by Smart Lighting continues to be at the right time each day. It was at 6:58AM on Monday, and down to 6:50AM today.

Maybe the cloud only adjusts sunrise/sunset once a week. Or maybe their back end code is still SNAFU.

@Brad_ST, what’s going on again? Someone had pushed the code to fix it and had to be reverted? Or what?

6:57AM today, again.

Same here, same off/on time as last several days. I will update support.

In another thread:

@organgebucket seems to imply that when they were working, Automations were not reflecting a daily change in sunrise/set anyway. Do we know what that threshold is supposed to be, so we can have a proper expectation here @smartthings ?

I set a test automation to text me at sunrise&set so I can track what’s happening going forward.

I did indeed. It was second hand information but it also rang a bell with me. I may be conflating it with something else though.

Update: I just did a search and I think I may be recalling a thread where it was demonstrated that Automations only updated sunrise/sunset times once they’d changed by five minutes.

Mine is now off by 9 minutes, so that isn’t the case.

We’ll see if it changes tomorrow, which might imply it adjusts once a week. (since it’s been at the same time since Monday).

Smart Lighting continues to be spot on.

The point was really that the times never were actually true sunrise and sunset but were allowed to drift a bit and then corrected. Doesn’t change the fact that there was/is a significant bug, just not precisely the bug assumed.

Assuming the above is broadly on the right lines, one assumes there may be a reason for doing it like that and perhaps wanting the fix to do the same.

For those that can use it, Smart Lighting automations based on sunset times work great and adjust every day.

Pic shows events for one of my smart switches that is turned on at sunset and off at 10pm.

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Smart Lighting is only a temporary solution since it will be deprecated at some point in the future…