Rules with multiple lamps and timers stopped working (or working differently)


I have been using the rule below for some time now and it has been working great. But a couple of days ago, it simply started behaving differently, I believe due to some SmartThings update.

Here is what the rule does:
If: Between 22:00 and 7:30 AND my TV is OFF AND Motion is detected (the trigger is working perfectly).

Then: Switch off 2 lamps, Turn on 2 lamps at a determined color and brightness level, then turn these lamps off 3 minutes later. -> This is the part that is now broken.

It was working perfectly until two or three days ago. What happens now is this:
The 2 lamps switch off correctly, but then only 1 lamp turns on, waits 3 minutes, turns off, then the second lamp turns on, waits 3 minutes, turns off…

Before, the action was happening all at once, waiting the 3 minutes timers, and then turning the lamps off. Now it seem to be running in sequence, so it waits 3 minutes after the first lamp has turned on, to turn the second lamp on…

I am pretty sure this is not my mistake in the automation, as this is set like this for months and worked perfectly, until a couple of days ago something changed and I cannot make 2 lamps turn on together with an “off timer”.

Did anyone experience this same issue or knows a solution? Looks like some bug to me.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I believe that I’ve also been seeing the same issue.

In my case the automation is a little simpler - when motion is detected:

  • Turn on 2 lights at 25% brightness
  • After 5 minutes, switch off both lights

What actually happens is that the first light comes on. Then, 5 minutes later, the first light goes off and the second comes on.

This also started happening within the last few days. The automation rule itself hasn’t been changed in months (as it was working fine).