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I have an issue that the Smart Lighting automations have started working randomly since February 1st 2022.

Since i could not find an offline capable hourly trigger in smartthings, I built a combo of two virtual switches:

  • tictoc1 has a Smart Lighting power allowance of 1 minute and switches on when tictoc2 switches off
  • tictoc2 has a Smart Lighting power allowance of 59 minutes and switches on when tictoc1 switches off

Every day i have “seeded” it by switching tictoc2 on at 00:01.

This has been working like clockwork (pun intended) for years and I could use them for hourly checks and automations. I understand from other threads here that Smart Lighting is being phased out. I could understand them not working at all, but they kind of work, but with completely random timing now. This is just plain stupid.

Up to 2022/02/01 20:00 (UTC+02:00):

After that, completely random.

After 2022/02/01 20:00 (UTC+02:00), completely random:

What baffles me in this case is that they are working with totally random delays. There are no other automations switching these. I would understand if they did not work at all. But as you can see from my second pic, the switch comes on and off at totally random times.

This one should ALWAYS switch off in 1 minute (and from the other trigger back on in 59 minutes), but so far today:

As I am triggering my house heating based on this, you can understand my frustration.

But probably time to move on, I hate the limitations of smartthings anyway and move to home assistant has been long overdue.

I can imagine how frustrating it can be. Here is the direct link from the thread above where they are working on a fix…

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